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Shira Kela

Visual Artist | Filmmaker 

Shira Kela is a Berlin-based filmmaker and artist.

Shira’s passion is to explore deep cultural connections and create a voice in their untold stories.

She is currently experimenting with the intersection between new and old realities, the differences and

similarities between different religions and beliefs- where she navigates between art, film, and the spaces in between.


Clients, Screenings & Exhibitions

2022 Wonder Women 

Co-Directed an episode and produced a 4 episode series about climate change, feminism, and social justice.

2021 Staatsballet Berlin 

Collaboration with UY Studio and the Ballet on a special art project inspired by covid-19


2020 Art Biesenthal

Presenting artist in the annual group exhibition at Wermuhl, Art Biesenthal


2019 Zygota

Directed experimental short film

premiered as an official selection at RVFF

2017 Arttec Festival

Commissioned artist by the Israeli embassy in Bogota, Colombia


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